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Class 8 Poster on Save Water Photoshop Tutorial

The next guide for the students of 8th class. Some students want to run campaign for environment or other natural changes. If students are working on the campaign of the water saving on the earth. This tutorial may helpful, because the class 8 poster on save water Photoshop tutorial I’m going to share. Simple and the best technique to understand. Let’s see the tutorial.

Class 8 Poster on Save Water Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1: Make the Poster sheet and Fill background

In the first step, you should to make your poster size document; which you want. Adjust the resolution good enough for good graphic results.

And fill the sheet with your favorite color with paint bucket tool.

Sheet filled with Color

Step 2: Draw Picture of TAP

In Second step draw a picture of TAP on the left upper side of the poster. You can use a shape or brush for this concern. OR use the image of TAP PNG for your easiness.

TAP Shape drawn

Step 3: Draw Water Drop Shape by Pen Tool

In 3rd step use the Pen tool to draw a beautiful water drop shape. Use the shape of water drop in stroke without filled. Pick up the Pen tool and mold it like attractive water drop. Just hold the CTRL and click on the shape. Edges will appear just adjust it like below picture.

Water Drop Shape Adjusted

Step 4: Enter Text and Slogan

At the end in the area of water drop type your favorite text with different colors and angels. I wrote the “Save Water! Every Drop Counts”. You can write other words according to projects. Poster is Ready 🙂

Class 8 poster on save water Photoshop tutorial

Ultimate Results

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