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11 Photoshop Tutorials to Make 3d Text Effects

The 3d technique is very famous in this is era. Most of people want to create their text in 3d form but they can’t a wide range to learn it. The Photoshop makes this technique very easy, a simple creative mind can understand it. Here you will learn 11 Photoshop tutorials to make 3d text effects. If you are newbies or professional graphics designers these are best for every one. Because the step by step guide are written by authors. Just explorer every tutorial and learn more.

Photoshop Tutorials to Make 3d Text Effects

Multicolor wood 3d text

View Source: http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-create-colorful-wooden-3d-text–psd-25732

2. Stunning 3D Text Effect Just in 30 Minutes Photoshop Tutorial

wonderful 3d text effect Photoshop tutorial

View Source: http://www.photoshoplady.com/tutorial/stunning-3d-effects-for-text/569

3. Up  a Cool 3D Text Effect Tutorial in Photoshop

 cool 3d text tutorial

View Source: http://www.webdesign.org/photoshop/3d-effects/up-cool-3d-text-photoshop-tutorial.21259.html

4. Create a Sophisticated 3D Text Effect

Photoshop Tutorial to Make 3d Text Effect

View Source: http://www.photoshoplady.com/photoshop-tutorial/making-a-sophisticated-3d-text-art-in-photoshop/

5. A Shiny Reflective 3D Text Effect with Photoshop CC

Beautiful shine text in 3d form

View Source: http://www.photoshoplady.com/photoshop-tutorial/making-a-sophisticated-3d-text-art-in-photoshop/

6. Make a Stone and Concrete 3D Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Stone 3d text style Photoshop tutorial

View Source: http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/create-an-out-of-the-box-stone-and-concrete-3d-text-effect-with-photoshop-and-filter-forge–psd-21375

7. A Clean 3D Text Effect in Photoshop CS6

3d simple best text style

View Source: http://www.photoshoplady.com/photoshop-tutorial/clean-3d-text-effect-creation-using-cs6/

8. Make a Silver 3D Text In Photoshop

3d text in silver look

View Source: http://www.photoshoplady.com/photoshop-tutorial/silver-elegant-3d-text-effect/

9. Create Simplest 3D Text for Beginners

Newbies simple 3d text style

View Source: http://www.photoshopessentials.com/photoshop-text/text-effects/photoshop-simple-3d-type/

10. Photosho Tutorial in 3D Bold Text Effect

Bold 3d text art Photoshop tutorial

View Source: http://planetphotoshop.com/3d-bold-text-effect.html

11. Create a 3D Flowery Text in Photoshop


View Source: http://10steps.sg/tutorials/photoshop/create-a-3d-flowery-text-effect/

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