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9 Cool Reflection Text Effects Photoshop Tutorials 2016

Reflection text is the best effect in text editing. These are in a dual face, the first face is a simple text and the other its reflection like a mirror. If you are newbies and don’t know how these text effect created in Photoshop. Here I’m going to share cool reflection text effect Photoshop Tutorials 2016 for you. The main purpose is that you become an expert in text effect.

Cool Reflection Text Effects Photoshop Tutorials 2016

Around about 10 reflection text effects tutorials is mentioned below. All tutorials are different with each other and have stepped by step guide. These are evergreen effect for 2016 year. See the tutorials and learn these.

1. Text Reflection Effect

In this tutorial, the text is written in simple red color with a black background. And a reverse reflection is made in below side of the text. The tutorial is really wonderful, see the tutorial learn it.

text reflection effect in red color

View Source: http://www.photoshopessentials.com/photoshop-text/text-effects/text-reflection/

2. Special Reflection Text  Effect

Really it is special text effect, a colorful text texture created and a reflection in below side. The text background has black and red color schemes. See the tutorial to make special reflection text effect.

text effect in special reflection

View Source: http://designstacks.net/color-reflection-special-effects

3. Shadow Reflection Text Effect in Photoshop

Very amazing tutorial, a text is created in shadow style reflection. A text flipped horizontal and make this Gaussian blur. The reduced the opacity of shadow text. How this effect can be created see the proper guide and tutorial link.

text effect with shadow reflection

View Source: http://www.photoshopessentials.com/photoshop-text/text-effects/perspective-shadow/

4. Ripples Reflection Text Effect

Another most wonderful reflection text effect 2016. In this tutorial, the text is created in ripple reflection style. And the Zigzag properties are used in this. Learn the tutorial on the link.

zigzag and ripple reflection text effect

View Source: https://webdesign.org/photoshop/text-effects/reflection-text-effect-with-ripples.12318.html

5. Create Reflection Text in Photoshop

In this tutorial learn to create a great text reflection. On the text, a shiny texture is created and then made the shadow with Gaussian blur technique. Learn to create a real look reflection text in this tutorial.

reflective text effect Photoshop tutorial

View Source: http://www.psd-dude.com/tutorials/create-a-reflection-in-photoshop.aspx

6. Reflecting Text Effect in Photoshop

A fantastic text effect the list of 2016. Simple and beautiful text created with orange-red stroke and black inner. The reflection is made same to same with less opacity. To learn the tutorial see the link.

reflecting text effect Photoshop tutorial

7. Create Reflection Effect with Photoshop

This is a great tutorial for simple reflective text effect in Photoshop. With the image slides and slides description, the tutorial is made for beginners. to learn this amazing tutorial see the link.

simple look reflection text effect

View Source: http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/photoshop/ig/reflection/Selection-for-the-Shadow.htm

8. Dramatic Shadow and Reflection Text Effect in Photoshop

It is a video tutorial for dramatic reflection text effect. An amazing text format is used and made a reflective shadow. Learn this fantastic 2016 text effect on the link.

dramatic text reflection in Photoshop

View Source: http://photoshoproadmap.com/dramatic-shadow-text-effect-photoshop/

9. Photoshop Text Reflection 101

Learn to create an amazing technique for mirror text reflection in this tutorial. Various methods are mentioned step by step. See all guide to created this effect on the link.

mirror text having beautiful reflection effect

View Source: http://designshack.net/articles/graphics/photoshop-reflections-101/



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