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5 Incredible Cool Honey Text Effects Photoshop Tutorials

The honey is a natural liquid thing. Basically, this text effect consists on the feature and texture of honey. Do you think we can create text in the form of honey texture? Yes, everything is possible in Photoshop. But newbies are worry about this text effect. For their help, Today I’m going to share an incredible cool honey text effects Photoshop tutorials.

Incredible Cool Honey Text Effects Photoshop Tutorials

The round about 5 incredible text effect list is mentioned below. Every tutorial is guided step by step. The main purpose to share these tutorials to make you an expert in this effect.

1. Create Detailed Honey Text Effect in Illustrator

The detailed honey effect is a mind-blowing tutorial which is a complete guide to creating fantastic and better result text effect. Learn to make Hexagon background and honey texture text  dropping from a spoon.

honey from spoon text effect

View Source: http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-create-a-detailed-honey-text-effect-in-adobe-illustrator–vector-10885

2. Honey on Toast Text Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial learn to make a dipped honey text on a toast or bread piece. The full guide is described in step by step. The layer styles properties and a piece of bread is used in this tutorial.
honey text effect on a toast piece

View Source: http://textuts.com/dripping-honey-on-toast-text-effect/

3. Honey Text Effect in Bubbles

This is a new idea to create text effect in hexagon honey bubbles. The bubbles background and honey text in Hexa bubbles is really awesome. learn to create this effect see the tutorial.

honey text effect in bubble style

View Source: http://alfoart.com/honey_bubbles_text_effect_1.html

4. Create Honeycomb Artwork Using Photoshop

In this tutorial learn to create a complete honey artwork in Photoshop. It is a step by step guide for honeycomb calligraphy. A full artistic work has been done, see the tutorial and learn it.

honeycomb text effect artwork

View Source: http://www.photoshoptutorials.ws/photoshop-tutorials/drawing/create-a-honeycomb-artwork-in-photoshop/?doing_wp_cron=1445848987.783587932586669921875

5. Honey Leaking Text Effect on Delicious Cake

A clean and high-quality honey text effect created on a sweet cake. To make this effect, a cake image and some layer styles properties are used for text.

honey text effect on a cake

View Source: http://alfoart.com/leaking_honey_effect_1.html

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