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Photoshop Tutorials: Fit a Photo in a Ready Frame Expertly

Howdy! In our last we have made a wood texture frame on a picture. Today we will fit a photo in a ready frame expertly just using Photoshop. Mostly you have a lot of frameless pictures in your computer. You want to edit these pictures in the beautiful frames background, but you are helpless. Don’t be worry I have dug a solution to edit pictures in frames. So I’m going to share this knowledge with you after making a lot of successful implementations. I will use a beautiful background frame and will fit a picture in it. So be attentive and read out this tutorial complete.

Finally we have Fit a Photo in a Ready Frame Expertly. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Image after Editing

Fit a Photo in a Ready Frame Expertly

Step 1: Open a Background Frame Image

In our first step, open a beautiful background frame image from the computer. For this purpose go to File -> Open from main Menu Bar or press the command Ctrl + O.

Select the original frame image from the computer in Open Window.

The frame image has been selected from computer. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

After selection of require photo frame image, now do click on Open button. You will see suddenly the selected image will appear in Photoshop window.

Step 2: Cut the Inner area of  The Frame

In the second step cut off the inner area of the frame. For this purpose select the Polygonal Lasso Tool from Tool Bar. Make selection corner to corner inner side of the frame. I have done it perfectly in the below picture see it. More about lasso tools see this http://www.photoshophelps.com/2015/08/07/photoshop-basics-cut-out-photos-using-all-lasso-tools/

The selection has been made by Polygonal Lasso Tool. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Step 3: Make the Inverse Layer

After selecting the inner area, now go to Select -> Inverse option from the main menu. Your selection will become inverse. Now press the command Ctrl + J, the new layer will be created in the layer panel and change the name as “inverse”. Here in the below picture I have created an inverse layer.

The Inverse layer can be seen in Layer Panel. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Step 4: Set a Picture in Photo Frame

In 4th step drop a couple image in Photo frame. For this purpose follow the 1st step and drop it with Move Tool into Frame Tab.

Couple image has been dropped in frame Tab. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

After dropping the picture into a photo frame. Now move the photo layer under the inverse layer in Layer Panel.

The Photo Layer has been moved downward. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

After moving the photo layer, now set it into the frame. For this resolve pick up the Move Tool and adjust the picture through Transformation Controls.

Look below picture I have made a perfect adjustment.

The couple image has adjusted in frame. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Step 5: Drop the Inner Shadow

Select the photo layer and go to Layer -> Layer Style -> Inner Shadow from the main menu. A layer style Inner Shadow window will open here adjust the values as.

Blend Mode: Multiple Black
Opacity: 75%
Angle: 175˚
Distance: 30px
Choke: 5%
Size: 140px

Learn more about drop shadow see this http://www.slideshare.net/Harriete/how-to-build-a-better-shadow-a-photoshop-tutorial-by-christopher-conrad-from-the-snag-professional-development-seminarrofes.

The Inner Shadow values have been fixed. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Finally, we have fit a picture into photo frame just flowing 5 steps. I hope you have enjoyed it and do practice work at your end.

Finally we have Fit a Photo in a Ready Frame Expertly. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Ultimate Results


In the end, I conclude that we can place a picture in beautiful photo frame easily just using Photoshop. In the above tutorial, I have guided you step by step. First of all opened a photo frame image in Photoshop window. Selected the inner area of the frame by Polygonal Lasso Tool and inversed the selection. Dropped a couple image in frame document and adjusted by Transformations Controls. In the end dropped the inner shadow of the photo. This was a complete procedure of this tutorial.

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