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Photoshop Tutorials: Design FB Niche Page Coverlet 851 by 315

In a previous article, I have told you designing of the Facebook Group cover and facebook timeline cover with easiest steps. Now today we will design FB niche page coverlet 851 by 315  in Photoshop. People think that it is difficult to design a high-quality pixel cover for FB pages. I’ll only say! drop your negative thinking and try things at yourself.

In this tutorial, you’ll get skills about the cover designing. Every step has been clarified below and you will understand easily.

Design FB Niche Page Coverlet 851 by 315

Step 1: Make FB Page Cover Document

First you’ve needed new document related to page cover size. So go to File -> New from the main menu or press the key command Ctrl + N on your keyboard.

This is option of New Document for Facebook Group Cover. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Click on New option a window will open having option related to a new document. First of all change the name of you file as “FB Page Cover” with default name Untitled-1. After that in next option set Preset value as Custom from a combo box.

Put the Name and Preset for FB Page cover. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Now come to next options which are Width and Height. First measure the size of cover from the header of page and then adjust the values of Width and Height for your desired cover. I am going to set the Width 8 Inches and Height 3 Inches or you can put original values of banner 851 px by 315 px no issue.

Put the values of Width and Height for FB Page Cover. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

The next option is very important and I’ve been cleared many times in previous tutorials. Now go to the option of resolution which is related to a graphic quality of your document. Without this feature, you don’t make a high-quality graphics file. Keep file size minimum 1.5 Mbs when you are setting the resolution. I’ve adjusted Resolution 500 Pixels / Inches due to high-quality Pixels of the cover. Set out the Color Mode RGB 8bit and Background Contents as White.

Put the Resolution, Color Mode, Background Contents for FB Page Cover. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Now all values have been inserted just click on an Ok button to make a new file for cover.

Step 2: Chang Background Color

You will see a lock on the file, first remove the lock by doing double-click on the layer and give the background color #431754 to first file by Paint Bucket Tool.

This is the background sheet for Facebook page cover. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Now BG color has been changed, make a beautiful design with Pen Tool on the second document see in below step.

Step 3: Create Shape With Pen Tool

Select the Freedom Pen Tool from Tool Bar or press key command P from a keyboard. Now draw the waves on the white sheet holding Left Click. After that hold the key Ctrl and do click on the line, you’ll see a lot of transformations edges will appear on the line. Remove useless edges by doing a single click on these. Plot the shape like wave by holding Ctrl key and Left Click through transformations. A complete guide for making the custom shape with Pen Tool see here https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/drawing-shapes.html.

Make a shape like Wave just using Pen Tool. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Do Right click on the shape and select options Define Custom Shape from the list and give it the name as Wave.

Make the Custom Shape after making the Wave figure. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Step 4: Plot Define Shape into Cover

Now go to Custom Shape Tool and pick up the figure Wave which you’ve recently designed. After selecting the figure now draw it with Fill and Stroke color #ffffff into the first file. See below picture you will understand better.

Plot the Figure Wave into Facebook Page Cover. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Step 5: Add Different Images

Add some images into cover, so select the images with high-resolution from your computer and open in Photoshop. Now select the Move Tool and drag every image tab to tab into cover. Now align these images at a proper place like below picture.

Insert the Images into cover by Move Tool. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Step 6: Save Cover in PNG Image Format

Before saving your final cover, must check out pixel quality of the cover by visiting View -> Actual Pixels. For your information if pixels will not become blur then graphics quality of the cover is fit. See this guide for Actual pixels banner here


Our FB page cover is ready just there is a need to save it, so go to File -> Save and select PNG format and save it on your computer. Finally, we’ve created high graphics cover by following easiest steps.

Enjoy this tutorial and try it at your end, I’m sure you will make it easily after little practice work.

Our final Design FB Niche Page Coverlet 851 by 315. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Ultimate Results


I conclude that it is very easy to design a covers social medias in Photoshop. We have followed the easiest steps first I created a new document with high-resolution and related to the size of FB page cover. Gave it background color by Paint Bucket Tool. After that made a Wave figure by using Pen Tool and dropped this figure into a cover sheet. Inserted some images about services like WordPress, Blogger, and Subscription icon. In the end saved final cover in PNG image format from File -> Save.

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