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Photoshop Tutorials: 4 Steps to Design Occupational Card

Most of the professionals lose their customers when they don’t give their personal or occupational card. Due to this customers don’t contact back to you. So at this time you’ve needed an occupational card which contain your personal information or contact numbers. If you’re a professional in any field then you’ve must needed a personal card in your pocket because at any place any time it can save your customers. So don’t worry here we will learn just in 4 Steps to Design Occupational Card in Photoshop. To make simple business card see this  http://www.photoshophelps.com/2015/08/22/photoshop-tutorials-design-a-simple-merchantry-card/ .

Here you will be fully guided step by step, read it thoroughly and make a practice to us; I’m sure you would be able to design personal cards on your end easily.

First get some ideas related to cards design here http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/business-card-design-100-creative-examples-useful-tutorials-and-templates/.

4 Steps to Design Occupational Card in Photoshop

Step 1: Create Card New Document

First of all you’ve required of new document related to Card size. Go to File -> New or press the command Ctrl + N on your keyboard. A New window will open in front of your screen. Which contains a lot of important option related to a new document The first option Name so change the name of the document as Personal Card with default Untitled-1. The second option is Preset, so set the value as Custom.

Put the value of Width 500 Pixels and Height 250 Pixels. Fix the Resolution 72 Pixels / Inches, keep in mind resolution is related to the graphic quality of a document. If you will set high-resolution then it will give high quality of the graphics results. If you will put low quality of resolution then don’t think for good graphic results. Set the color mode RGB 8bit with the Background Contents White.

Fill out all fields of New Document Window for Personal Card. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

After setting all values click the Ok button to create a new document. When you click the Ok button then a document will appear in window like below picture. First of all unlock the layer by Double Clicking on the layer in layer panel window.

The first view of Personal Card as White Blank Sheet. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Here in above the sheet has been created, it is waiting for a design related to your personal card. So do brainstorming and find out requirements which you’ve wanted to create on this sheet.

Step 2: Fill And Adjust Inner Shadow

Now fill out the background of the sheet just select color #053871 from color picker window. Select the Paint Bucket Tool and do a single click on the sheet at the response your sheet has been filled.

Personal Card white sheet filled by Paint Bucket Tool. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

After giving the background color to the sheet now click on the Layer 0 and so go to Layer -> Layer Style -> Inner Shadow from the above main menu. A dialog window will open having options related to inner shadow style.

Add Inner Shadow to the Personal Card from Layer Styles Window. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Set the values of Inner shadow as Opacity 65%, Angle 120°, Distance 0px, Choke 0%, and Size 100px. After setting the values click on an Ok button to apply inner shadow style.

Step 3: Insert Image in Card

Now insert an image into your personal or occupational card, select the image from your computer and open in Photoshop. Drag this image into card tab and click on Tick Icon above to complete the step.

Insert the image to your Personal Card by Move Tool. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

You can see there is white background in the picture, first remove the background perfectly with Magic Eraser Tool, just do a single click on white color at this cause the color will be removed automatically. After removing background now give Outer Glow to an image, go to Layer -> Layer Style -> Outer Glow. Adjust the values of Outer Glow as Opacity 40%, Spread 0%, and Size 10px then click on Ok button.

Set the Properties of Outer Glow from layer Styles for image. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

The basic purpose of Outer Glow is that to reduce the rough edges around the images. Now the values of Outer Glow have been adjusted, it will see like below image.

Look of image after setting the Outer Glow Properties. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Step 4: Add Text in The Card

Now it’s time to add text into your Card, first of all, write your name on the card with the help of Type Tool. Write “NANCY BETTY” with font style Britannic Bold, Font Size 65pt with White font color and click Tick Icon above.

Add some contact details into your related to occupation. Select the Type Tool and Write Professional details like the professional name “WEBENGINEERING” with same font size and Font Style Bookman Old St but different in color. In below of a Profession and Website name with Font Size 12pt and Font, Color #cd85a1 have been written.

Write your profession in middle of the Card by Type Tool. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Finally, your card is ready now just save it in PNG image format into your computer.

after 4 Steps to Design Occupational Card final result. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Ultimate Results


In the above tutorial, we learned to design an occupational card with the support of Photoshop  just in 4 steps. Ahead I created a new document with size of a card. Added a picture by giving Outer Glow from Add Layer Style option. Inserted full name with Type Tool in a bottom of the card. After that wrote Profession name with two different colors and mentioned work source below the professional name. Enjoy this tutorial and try it and make at your end.

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