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Photoshop Tutorials: Clone Evening View Behind Sofa Bed

Howdy! Today will Clone Evening View Behind Sofa Bed using the clone tool in Photoshop. The Clone Stamp is a strong tool in Photoshop and professionals use it every time to increase the beauty of banner and other things. It allows you to clone the other graphics portion with different or new styles of brushes as well as managing Size, Opacity, and Flow.

If you don’t know how to use it then don’t be a worry, here we are going to teach basic properties and changing of background with this tool. So be attentive and readout his tutorial complete. After reading this once a time you will get command on this technique completely.

Basic Introduction of Clone Stamp Properties

The Clone Stamp Tool give you facility of Size and hardness and different shapes of brushes. You can Manage the size and hardness of brush with different commands.

This is collection of brushes and size feature. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

In the property of Mode, you can select any type of Mode like Dissolve, Darken, Lighten, Soft Light and many more. You can also manage the Opacity, Follow, Airbrush, Brush Presets and Pressure for this clone tool.

This is Clone Stamp Tool properties bar. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Clone Evening View Behind Sofa Bed

Let’s we see how we can use Clone Stamp Tool for changing the background. First select the area of wall with Magic Wand Tool like below picture.

The area has been selected by Magic Wand Tool. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Now select the Clone Stamp Tool and adjust the properties as Opacity 100%, Flow 100%. Do click on the Sunset Wallpaper by holding Alt key. Where you will click, the cloning will start from here, so keep in mind where you want to start. Let’s see in below I have selected the point for cloning.

Clone this wallpaper into original wallpaper by clone tool. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Now go to original wallpaper tab and start cloning by holding the Left Click with 100% Opacity and 100% Flow. You will see the cloning will not go to out boundaries which we have selected the area by Magic Wand Tool.

Clone Evening View Behind Sofa Bed selected area. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Finally, we have cloned a sunset scene in wallpaper by clone stamp tool. It is amazing to use and give different touch in your wallpapers. Clone Stamp Tool can be used uncountable ways. It’s depending on you, how you think and which creative design come into your mind. Follow our guidelines and do practice along us. I hope you will have understood this tutorial.

Our final result after use of Clone Stamp Tool. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Ultimate Result


In the end, I conclude that it is so easy to use Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop. In the above tutorial, I have discussed the properties of the Clone Tool and used it for changing of wallpaper at room wall behind the sofa. I have changed the background of a sunset. First I opened a sunset image and cloned it in my wallpaper with Opacity 100% and flow 100%. I hope you will enjoy this amazing tutorial and try at your end.



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