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Photoshop Tutorials: Download Layer Design Zip and Load Step by Step

In the last tutorial, we learned Adding of new brushes styles. Today we will download layer design zip and load step by step in Photoshop. I have already said Photoshop is variant graphics software, where you can add any type of extension related to your work. Layer styles are one of the most beautiful features in Photoshop, which help you to create more and more attractive layers. Photoshop has many of styles by default, but you can add more at your choice. You can download eye-catching layer styles from the internet at free of cost.

If you don’t know how to load layer styles in Photoshop then don’t be a worry. Here you will be guided beginning to end with the help of images. So don’t miss this tutorial and read out complete to seek this amazing knowledge.

Download Layer Design Zip and Load Step by Step

Step 1: Download Layer Styles from Internet

First of all you have to files of layer styles into your computer. If you have not any type of file like that then open your internet and download layer style here http://www.brusheezy.com/styles at free of cost. This web page gives you a variety of brushes, layer styles, fonts and many of other services.

Step 2: Extract Layer Zip File Folder

Once you have downloaded the require style, it will in a zip file, first of all, extract into your computer folder.

Here I have a big collection of Layer Styles in my laptop drive which I have already extracted. Let’s have a look my collection in the below picture.

Download Layer Design Zip and Load Step by Step from folder. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Step 3: Open and Load the Layer Styles

Now open your Photoshop and go to Layer -> Layer Style -> Blending Option. Click on Styles link from the sidebar in the pop-up window. At the right side click on Gear icon and select the option Load Styles from the list.

Layer Styles Load option in the list. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

A new load window will open here just choose your downloaded file from the computer and click on the Load button.

Select the file from computer and load it. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Step 4: Use the New Loaded Style

Suddenly your selective style will be loaded in the layer style window. Now I have selected the Stone Wall Style from collection window which I have loaded and click on an Ok button to apply. You will see the style will be applied on the layer like below picture.

Applied the layer style on the sheet. Image © reserved 2015 Photoshop Helps.com

Finally, we have learned the loading and usage of new layer styles in Photoshop. I’m sure this will helpful to you and you would do it easily.


In the end, I feel that it is so easy to download and add layer patterns. We have followed just 4 steps. First of all downloaded the require style from the internet. Went to layer -> layer style -> Blending option and from Gear icon loaded the styles from a computer. In the end applied these on the layer. Enjoy this amazing tutorial and do practice piece of work with us.

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